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Ditching Facebook

No Facebook

Starting with the fact that Facebook blocked this website last year for the vague reason of "going against community standards," I have not been terribly happy with their platform. They have since unblocked my website (no explanations offered), but I am constantly being pestered to "promote" my page to people on Facebook. Except that what that really means is "we aren't showing your posts to all of the followers of your page, but if you pay us, more of them will see your content. Pay us more and maybe we will show it to some people who aren't familiar with your business as well."

Of course we all know that privacy doesn't exist on Facebook, I don't care how much "control" they say they are giving you. Ultimately, they have the data in their hands and they will use it as they see fit. Then look at the way they delete groups, censor speech, and basically feed you the information they want you to see rather than what YOU want to see, and I'm just done. The first thing I'm backing out of is my business page on Facebook. My personal profile is next (I'm headed over to MeWe for more privacy. Check it out!)

I really don't feel like I'm losing much by doing this. If you know me, love me, and want to occasionally hear about my business and other birth related stuff, then subscribe to my site at the bottom of the What's New page. Or just stop by to visit once in a while. Or email me! Text me! Write me a letter! :-D

My Facebook page will still exist with my photo, phone number, address, website and previous posts. Please don't message me on Facebook for anything important. It's not the best way to contact me. Text or email is better.

While we're on the topic of privacy and security of your information, I also recommend using ProtonMail. It is a free app that allows you to easily send encrypted email. If you need to send me personal information about your health, please consider using this method for security. My ProtonMail address is: dianed (at) protonmail (dot) com

If you are a current client, you can also use the secure MobileMidwife messaging system. Instructions for using this system should have been sent to you at the beginning of your care with me.

Here's to more true, real-life social connections!

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